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    LA-based Naomi Wild Releases New Single ‘Run That’


    LA-based Naomi Wild has shared a brand new single today titled “Run That” via Taste & Tone — check it out HERE. Just last night, Naomi had her solo performance debut at SXSW at Maggie Mae’s Rooftop. It’s been an exciting past year for Naomi, where she wrote and was featured on Odesza’s track “Higher Ground,” and spending most of the year on road with the duo, she also found time to release her debut single, Howlin.” 2019 is gearing up to be her breakout year.


    Naomi says of the track,

    “Run That” came from a place of me trying to deal with balancing my internal dialog between codependency and freedom. I’ve always been the type to be in a relationship and I like having someone in my corner. The past 2 years of my life have become really hectic with touring, but it was the best thing that ever happened to me because it forced me to be independent. I fell in love with that freedom and discovered things about myself that never got enough attention when I was always physically with someone. I didn’t realize how much space in your mind is occupied with thinking of someone else’s feelings to the point where you put yours on the back burner subconsciously- and how that affects your daily life. The lyrics are me trying to say, like, “I’ll be there, I love you, but I love me more.”‘ I always kind of put myself in these somewhat destructive and chaotic scenarios because a part of me feels the most alive when everything isn’t so perfect. I’m a junky for a messy situation. The song was just me getting some of that out.

    The cover is me hugging my girlfriend’s (Lauren Wasser) legs. The first lyrics of “Run That” are “keep me too close, too tight when you know I’m not going anywhere” and I wanted to show that with the cover. The song is really about two people and both sides of a relationship.”

    Naomi’s collaboration with Odesza began when she was a junior high school, after she discovered the electronic duo at Coachella and was enamored with their performance. Never having made or played music before, she was inspired to try songwriting. She wrote “Higher Ground,” then sent the track to an email address she found online for Odesza. The next day, Naomi heard back that Odesza loved the song — wanting to record it with her featured. “Higher Ground” became the standout track from 2017’s Grammy-nominated A Moment Apart, receiving 30mm+ streams, and currently impacting at radio. Naomi spent the past year touring the world with Odesza, and is set to perform with the duo this spring at festivals such as Sundara, Ultra, Boston Calling, and more.


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