We had a chance to chat with The Floozies before they head to Mysteryland this weekend. You can check them out on the main stage on Saturday June 11th from 6:30-7:45pm. Check out what they had to say below.

Mark and Matt

Where are you from originally?
Olathe, Kansas

What inspired the name The Floozies?
Our mom used the word, we thought it was a great name for a band. We try and have a lot of fun on stage and when creating music so it fits well!

What is special about creating music, performing and sharing your success as brothers?
Everything! We have a very similar vision musically and just creatively in general. My brother has always been my best friend and getting to travel and play with him is a dream. We also have a really awesome ability to know what’s going to happen musically on stage with one another all the time. It’s really fun. Matt will throw something at me while we are improvising and I’ll see it coming a mile a way and laugh!

Are you excited for Mysteryland USA and why?
Yes! Because it’s one of the first festivals and we are itching to get out to play. Also it’s historically badass. And it seems like it’s going to be a huge fun fest.

What can we expect from The Floozies during your Mysteryland performance?
Good grooves, good times, deep pockets, slick licks and smiles

What are some of the differences that go into creating a normal club set opposed to preparing for a festival like Mysteryland?
Well not to give anything away, but for any set list we try to curate it to the event specifically. Put a lot of thought and time into it. With a festival their are more factors to work with creatively and more time between shows! Not to mention location changes are so influential creatively.

What other artist are you looking forward to seeing at Mysteryland 2016?

Where do you pull inspiration from when producing new music?
Everywhere. Movies, music, goofy videos. Love and life and family.

What The Floozies track mean the most to you and why?
The one we are releasing soon. Because I think it’s one of the most unique incredible beautiful songs ever. Ha. I also really like Superbad right now. But they are all special to me for various reasons.

What can we expect from The Floozies for the rest of the year?
We are playing by far our best. People can expect us to smash every festival show this summer. Going to have way too much fun. Also look out for releases. Matt has been doing some wild stuff and working hard in the studio. Lastly we got a huge red rocks headline show October 8th that we are putting a lot of energy into! Exciting stuff

What other artist are inspiring you at the moment?
Cobrayama and Gibbs, sure fire soul ensemble

If you could plan your own festival who would be your top 5 headliner?
D’angelo, us, lettuce, Robert glasper experiment, string cheese incident. That’s an interesting group ha

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