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EDMBoutique 5 Questions w/ Electronic Pop Artist Rijell

We have the pleasure of catching up with upcoming artist Rijell for a mini-interview. The 3lau collaborator is coming off his recent release ‘One Chance’ on Aureon Record. Check out what he had to say below.


What inspired the latest single?
The journey, the process. I wanted to reveal this message I had inside.


What can we look forward to this year?

More and more music. I also want to do an EP or Album.


When & what is the next release?

In the next few weeks and it is a song about finding someone who finally makes you feel at home.


If you had to open Spotify right now what artist do you play?

Johnny Rain


Favorite / craziest performance or fan memory?

Ile Soniq 2016. Definitely a memorable weekend!


Check out his latest single ‘One Chance” below. ‘One Chance’ hits an impressive emotional range for an electronic dance song. With a simple, nonconformist message, the lyrics encourage the listener to leave their inhibitions behind and take the opportunity before them. A steadily building bassline paired with electronically distorted vocals carries the light tone, providing the anthem for rebelling against social conformities.



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