EDMBoutique Exclusive Interview – REZZ

We recently had the pleasure of chatting with one of our favorite artists, REZZ. We had the chance to discuss some recent music, The Something Wrong Here Tour, her inspirations and what to expect for the rest of 2017! Check out our exclusive interview below and follow REZZ to stay updated on news, events and releases!



Isabelle Rezazadeh

Where are you from?
I was born in Ukraine but I was raised in Niagara Falls, Ontario

How long have you been DJing / Producing?
I’ve been producing for 3 and a half years and technically I’ve been DJing professionally for roughly 2 years.

What and who were some of your early inspirations in becoming an electronic dance music artist?
Deadmau5 for sure.

Where do you pull inspiration from while in the studio?
I just pull it out of my head, but aside from that I get it from playing video games like Silent Hill or watching horror movies

Can you give us a little background information on how you linked up with Mau5trap?
Basically, Atlas found me through a Facebook group called Toronto Rave Community and he suggested me to the mau5trap manager and that’s how I got the first connection to them. They’ve helped me so much since by never holding me back from my weird style and always accepting me for who I am and the music that I make

In what ways has Deadmau5 inspired / mentored you, your sound and future releases?
He’s inspired me in all ways with regards to music, brand, his stage production, and he cares about every little detail and his entire project and brand it just speaks for itself. I have my own goals and visions for my own to a similar standard.

What is your favorite original track and which original has had the biggest impact on your career?
My favourite track is probably edge and I think that it has been one of the leading tracks to my recent successes but also I think tracks like purple gusher and voice in the wall and melancholy have recently gained a lot of attention from different audiences.

With the industry being so oversaturated, do you feel like it is harder to maintain an original sound and why?
I can see how it can be difficult for some people but for me, it isn’t. Because my vision has been so clear since the beginning and I’ve known what I’ve wanted to do since then. When the industry moves and changes it doesn’t affect me because I’ve known what I wanted to make all along and the changes don’t influence my style.

What inspired your tour and recent EP name ‘Something Wrong Here’ and what does it mean to you?
I was scrolling through random artwork from artists and one of the pieces were very strange and the title was “something wrong here” and i was immediately inspired by the title and which then influenced the title for my EP.

What do you think attracted people to ‘Purple Gusher’ which was the most streamed track on the EP?
I think people were attracted to it because it sort of defines what people know me for, and it really just kind of hit the nail on the head for “this is REZZ’s sound”. The most streamed track is ‘Voice in the Wall’.

Coda is one of the best electronic music venues in Philly. Are you excited to be back and what would be your favorite moment from the last show?
I am excited to be back, I like the intimacy of the venue and I think the last time I played I was super nervous cause i just started out touring but this time will be different.


You formed a relationship with Dischetto who is also a supporting artist on your Coda Philly date. How has your relationship evolved since 2015 and can you give us any insight on her as an artist?
Jade is one of my very close friends, she’s the type of friend that would bend over backwards for me and those people are rare to come across. She is an incredible track selector, she has a very very good respectable taste in music. couldn’t be happier with her opening for me for the show.

Do you have any advice for upcoming female producers/DJs who are just getting started in the industry?
I would give females the same advice as males. I would say focus on finishing tracks, and try and really figure out the style you want to make and be extremely persistent, ignore hate, but allow criticism and be patient

What has been the funniest and / or best show or festival moment for you?
Every moment has been awesome, but I would say the highlights would be when my friends have been on tour and we would all awkwardly dance on stage.

What are the differences in your approach on preparing for a club show opposed to a festival?
I have a similar approach to both, I play mainly my own music I just include some tracks that have inspired me over the years

What other tracks or collaborations can we expect this year?
You’ll hear a lot of originals from me mainly but also a few collaborations as well.

What electronic artists are inspiring you at the moment?
Shadient, and Alon Mor

If you could collab with any artist who would it be?

Besides music what are some of your passions and interests?
Playing video games

If you could plan your own festival who would be your top 5 headliners?
Deadmau5, Bassnectar, Ggesaffelstein, Porter Robinson, and Skrillex.