PREMIERE: L.A. Girlfriend Releases Electro Art-Pop Video for ‘REGINA’

L.A. Girlfriend is set to premiere her monumental 3-song short film, ‘Regina.’The first song, ‘Possession’ revolves around chaos and fever, embodied by front woman Sydney Banta’s captivating free form choreography. The second track ‘Ex’ takes viewers to a more calming, hopeful place, where galaxies of stars kiss Sydney’s face and tender melodies fill the atmosphere. The film concludes with ‘Wild,’ a fiery electro pop-punk track accompanied by vivid red lighting and a larger-than-life chorus that’ll echo in your head for days to come. Check out ‘REGINA’ for a completely unique of audio-visual experience. We look forward for what’s to come from L.A. Girlfriend.

Raised on a diet of New Order, Iron Maiden, and everything in between, Sydney Banta takes cues from her 80s forebearers to create the powerhouse that is L.A. Girlfriend. Combining electronic and analog elements, Banta tells emotional stories of loss and redemption, soundtracked to bass-heavy, synth-laced soundscapes worthy of mending a broken heart.

“Instead of multiple music videos, REGINA as a singular short film is a narrative built on three characters – Fever, Faith, and Fortune (three themes that have held the most weight for me in my career.) Fever, represented by “Possession” is about raw, all-consuming emotion that threatens to knock us off balance or take us to an unstable place. Faith, cued by the “Ex” interlude, represents grace, rebuilding, and learning how to rise up and embrace the different facets of ourselves, and finally Fortune (“Wild”) is mastery/the result of unwavering faith and a true acceptance of self.”

Director, Creative, & Styling Sydney Banta
Director of Photography Colin Trenbeath
Producer Sydney Banta & Alysia Russo