Reach – Givitup

Reach had a busy 2016 with the successful release of a number of original tunes and a remix for graves & Team EZY. He received a lot of support from his fellow artists in the festival circuit last year, with several of his tunes in regular rotation. His latest release is another complex multi-dimensional tune with elements of house, moombahton, and trap music. His level of production is put on display with a clean mix, intricate sound design, and pounding drums.

“I’ve been pretty inspired by music lately and I’ve just recently started to not care about what everyone else is doing and I think that’s what I really wanted to have come alive in Givitup. I sorta subconsciously assigned the name Givitup to the track, and it just hit me that it was because I was giving up on comparing my music to others. I don’t always create with an intention in my mind but many times internal struggles and goals come out without premeditation.” -Reach