PREMIERE: Robots With Rayguns Remix of Sunset Neon Track ‘You Are the Sun’

Robots With Rayguns has teamed up with DJ, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Sunset Neon for a remix of his single “You Are the Sun.” The original track comes from Sunset Neon’s debut album Starlight, which debuted at #13 on the Billboard Dance Chart in 2017.

You can feel the dance vibes with RWR’s cut of the song – drifting in and out of mesmerizing synth patterns. The song makes you feel like you’re in the closing scene of Terminator – when Sarah Connor is driving into the horizon.

“This was a really fun remix to do because I wanted to kick up the energy a lot,” says RWR. “The original is so chill and washed out. I was actually inspired by the production of pop acts like boy bands from the late 90s. It’s dark and sexy but also really fun and gets you pumped up.”