“Rabbit hole is a track born from an existential crisis. We came to the conclusion that our souls are like drops of rain that fall into a vast ocean of illusion at birth and evaporate back into the clouds from which they came when we die… life could be compared to Alice falling down the rabbit hole into a terrifying place of beauty and wonder only to awaken one day to realize it was all a dream. That is the only explanation that offers us some comfort when we turn on the news and see an orange lunatic ranting and raging .. that it is all just a dream.” – LALUME

LALUME are a Berlin based Norwegian/Australian electro-pop duo. Their music is a patchwork of styles and eras weaving classical vocals, poetry and mythological elements into electronic beats and catchy synth-pop melodies. Their debut single Clouds contains a unique mix of elements blended into an unusual minimalist arrangement that remains catchy whilst breaking the rules of traditional pop. Clouds has already garnered the attention of Native Instruments when the duo was invited to take part in a production session at Red Bull Studios for the CTM festival in Berlin.

The band’s second single Juno is as catchy as it is haunting. Inspired by a vintage Juno synth that was given to the band, it was written around the theme of “gifts and wounds” being two sides of the same coin. The video was shot in an abandoned building in Berlin-Neukölln in a wedding dress and a rabbit mask, toying with the notion that an emotional commitment is a journey down a rabbit hole.

The bands danceable and explicit third single Satisfy was inspired by the club scene in Berlin and was released as a free download on NYE 2017.

The next 12 months will see the band complete the production of their debut album at their studio at the legendary Funkhaus. Beginning in October, the duo has released one track online every month which will culminate in a full length album and vinyl release in September 2018.