Princess Cyberspace – Blocked/Unblocked

One of the upsides to the tumultuous year 2016, was the emergence of LA-based duo Princess Cyberspace. The URL meets IRL project utilized tounge in cheek lyrics to soundtrack life in the digital age. From “So Relatable” a track Bullett called ” …the modern-day equivalent of Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday,’” to “Alone, By Myself”- a ballad for those more tuned into cyberspace than real life- Princess Cyberspace exposes the raw, and often comical, side of life on the internet.

Now, in 2017, the duo comprised of vocalist, model, songwriter, and new media mogul Rebecca L’Amore,and electronic music producer STEL★LEO, have returned with the most millenial break-up anthem in existence “Blocked / Unblocked.” The hypnotic single combines current with classic with the fusion of 80’s synth-pop elements, bass guitar, funk, and L’Amore’s infectious 2017 facing lyrics. A perfect fit into their self-coined “cyber pop” genre, “Blocked / Unblocked” is all too relatable in the age of Tinder and Facebook.

After meeting in Boston in 2014, both multi-racial artists of island descent (Guam & Bermuda, respectively) have combined forces to create a tropical-future, electronic music sound dubbed “CyberPop.”

Most notable is PCS’s juxtaposition of happy island sounds with deeply emotional song lyrics. Unlike any other electronic music on the radio, her music highlights the drama of new technology’s pivotal effect on modern-day communication. Strongly influenced by the sounds of No Doubt, Diplo, Dillon Francis, Grimes, Lady Gaga, Kanye West, PC Music, The Smiths, & more, PCS fuses the masculine-feminine with the feminine-masculine.

Inspired by past punk rock stars, globalization, electronic media, feminism, & pop culture, Princess Cyberspace strives to deliver a united & intelligent message through relatable musical content, one viral hit at a time.