PREMIERE: Ships Have Sailed – Up (Mike Vincent Remix)

Mixed Up will be released on June 23rd. Pre-order Here

The indie pop quartet based in LA, Ships Have Sailed are back at again releasing a huge remix of their recent single ‘UP’. Remixed by Mike Vincent who is a Boston based producer crafting high-energy electronic music, with credits including Capitol Records, Warner UK, Fox, and many more. The remix is packed with amazing production, dope drops with future indie moomba feels. The track has all the sign of being a huge summer classic. Make sure you follow them below to stay updated on news, events and releases.

 “Having previously remixed our track ‘If Only’ off our ‘Moodswings’ album, Mike Vincent was the first producer who came to mind when we started to consider remixing ‘Up’.  He has a tendency to bring a summery, poolside vibe to a track, and his interpretation of ‘Up’ is no exception…put this one in heavy rotation for your summer playlists folks…it won’t wear out!” -Ships Have Sailed vocalist Will Carpenter

About Ships Have Sailed:
Coming off the road on the final leg of their 2016 tour cycle, and in a particularly reflective and somewhat exhausted moment, a new idea was born.

In his own words, the group’s spearhead, songwriter and producer, Will Carpenter says “[In] a moment that was both happy and sad, reflective and hopeful, satisfied but still hungry, I tried to muster up the words to convey the mix of emotions that this year had evoked. At first it was a thoughtful process, but once the grain of the idea took shape, the music just kind of poured out…and it was incredibly cathartic.”

The result will be heard in the band’s new single, ‘Up’, which Carpenter sees as a call “to those of us with a dream that, however long the odds, is something we’re willing to fight for.”