Styline X Jude & Frank X Mojave Release Huge Single ‘Pina Colada’ on Revuelta Records

The massive, groove inducing “Pina Colada” signals the arrival of Revuelta Records.


Kicking off 2018 with a mega collab, Styline joins forces with Jude & Frank and Mojavee to deliver the saxy groove house banger “Pina Colada”. Released under Jude & Frank’s brand-new imprint Revuelta Records, this punchy club weapon is surely throwing the first beat to start a revolution! The talented artists have seamlessly found a perfect blend in their styles, as Styline describes:

“The track needed to have key elements from each of our productions – the signature Jude & Frank groovy, melodic, instrumental topline, and a Styline type low end which really bangs the club. It came together really nicely – a signature sax line that gets stuck in your head combined with a really pumping sound that is great for any occasion. It represents exactly the vibe when we first meant in Ibiza.”

The perfect fusion of styles is echoed by Jude & Frank who feel the track is perfect for both intimate clubs and mainroom dancefloors, as they described:

“Without hesitation we decided to work together on “Pina Colada” and to sign it with Revuelta because it has the perfect elements to be a good start: it’s simple, punchy and recognizable.”