Parisian Duo Sacre Releases New Single ‘Stereo’

Parisian duo Sacre returns with new single “Stereo,” incorporating their signature razor sharp production and slick, cosmic beats. For the first time in their music, Sacre explores the intersection of funk, disco, and hip hop, with airy female vocally led choruses and a feature from fellow rising French artist, rapper Dopize.

As showcased in their striking, hand-made album art Senor Octopus, the pair draw heavily from the late 19th century movement of Pointilism, which relies on a dot-technique, carefully applied by hand, to train the eye and mind of the viewer to blend the color spots into a fuller range of tones.

“We wrote ‘Stereo’ about this second when we fall in love,” Sacre says about the song. “This second that duplicates ourselves and arises a new person inside us. This radiant second that brings us a stereo world.”

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