Paperwhite – Human Nature

New York City brother/sister duo Paperwhite has consistently proved their adept ability for creating transcendent synths and soaring, spirited melodies over two EPs, most recently with Escape, released late last year.

Today the pair return with “Human Nature,” the first reveal from their forthcoming third EP that displays a more mature sound with a colorful tapestry of synths and percussion along with dreamy vocals that Ben and Katie have become well-known for.

“Writing for Paperwhite has always been about trying to discover what we stand for,” the pair reflects. “We’ve always written with broad themes in mind. Our first EP, Magic, focused on galactic and ethereal themes and with Escape we brought it down to earth a little bit and spoke of exploring our world. While writing our third EP, we wanted to dive even deeper. These thoughts led us right to our first single, ‘Human Nature.’ No matter how much we may fight it, we are flawed, we are strong and we are in this together. We are human.”

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Photo by Lauren Kallen