Electronic Duo OYLS Releases New Single ‘Jerry’

Michael Lipp and David Kirshenbaum, started OYLS while they were in college. “We had never made electronic music before OYLS. The first song we made was electronic because we were in college and literally didn’t have any instruments,” says Kirshenbaum. The band gained notoriety overnight for the success of their debut single “Maps,” which reached #5 on the Spotify Viral charts! After releasing another single called “10th Song,” the band is back in action with “In the Light.”

OYLS aren’t just innately gifted creators of electro pop, they’re “life partners”, too. “It’s platonic though,” says vocalist Michael Lipp. “Wait…what!?” adds producer David Kirshenbaum, feigning shock, before both of them burst into laughter. They do that a lot, actually — and the truth is, the lifelong friends have a lot to laugh about.

With their 2016 single “Maps,” their self-described “existential crisis song,” OYLS became overnight sensations before Michael and David had even figured out that they were musicians. “We had never made electronic music before OYLS. The first song we made was electronic because we were in college and literally didn’t have any instruments,” says Kirshenbaum. After getting tapped for video premieres and publications declaring OYLS the “new indie obsession,” the duo knew their lives were about to change. “We were like, ‘oh shit, we’re an electronic band now and people are listening. What do we do?” he continues, highlighting the surrealism of their passion project becoming hyped across the nation. “If you can figure out why everyone listened to it, we’d love to know,” he adds with a laugh.

“We were super idealistic going into it, like, ‘oh, ten people like our music, we’re gonna go and be musicians,” adds Lipp. (For the record, they have about 10,000 fans, but the guys are the definition of humble.) “If we didn’t have that crazy idealism, I don’t know if we would have jumped in the same way we did.”

Jumping in meant combining their funds to make merch, which pretty much went totally wrong. “We saved up all of our money and got 100 tank tops printed,” says Michael. “It was a picture where there was a candle in a bathtub that we were holding, and it was a stylized outline,” says David. “And it’s a penis, it really is, and we just didn’t notice it.” “The person that pointed it out was my girlfriend’s dad,” adds Lipp. “So now we have like 90 tank tops of a giant penis.”

As with pretty much anything else, though, OYLS are able to laugh about it. Even after the duo had money stolen from them at the beginning of their venture as a band, Michael and David laugh about the fact that it almost landed them on Judge Judy. “Our case was just too good,” says Lipp. “She needs more gray area.”

While their playful, trusting dynamic allows the duo to brush the dirt off their shoulders, OYLS are serious about their, albeit unexpected, career in music. “In The Light,” the leading single from their forthcoming EP, took three full years for them to write — and that’s probably because it started as a trap song. “We were having an identity crisis,” says Kirshenbaum, cracking up as usual. “We like to look at the musical landscape, and we take from things that totally aren’t us,” adds Lipp. “But now we’re getting closer to what is us,” he says, noting that after several re-writes, improved technological abilities, and David whacking a V-shape into his head from hitting it on the desk so much, the duo is “a little more stream-lined now.”