Oscar Oscar Releases New Single ‘HIMEJI’ via Majestic Casual

Since the release of his hugely successful track ‘See Myself’ back in September, Brisbane producer Oscar Oscar is now ready to share a new melodious track of pure electronica.

This instrumental piece was written and recorded while Oscar Oscar was staying in Kobe, Japan with a friend’s host family. There may have even been a sneaky collaboration with one of the family members!

“The family was pretty large and there was this little kid I stayed with and every day I’d make an effort to write some music with him there. Low key it was a bit of a collaboration because he would always just sing and beat the crap out his toy drum. I’d nick a few rhythms and ideas from him,” he said.

There was no real purpose or structure to the initial song; it was merely a reflection and honest depiction of how he felt on a trip to Himeji Castle.

“In all honesty, at this point in time I don’t think I’m very good at meticulously planning what a song is going to be in advance or sticking to any sort of structure. Often times I just get what I’m feeling at that particular point in time, and this was how I was feeling in November of 2016,” he said.

The track feels like a fantasy soundscape with it floating flutes and warping fat bass lines. It’s a chiller and one to press play on when you need to zen out.