Nitti Gritti & Adair – Limbo [Never Say Die Records]

Nitti Gritti & Adair are back with a massive follow up to their debut collaboration, “Gin & Juice”! “Limbo” is featured on Adair’s brand new EP through Never Say Die Records on April 24th, 2017. Bringing back the heavy jungle vibes, “Limbo” is a high-energy fusion of both Nitti Gritti’s and Adair’s signature sounds. The track features a bouncy-moombahton rhythm that further progresses into the powerful, grimey sound that everyone knows and loves from these two.

Fresh off of his recent success with “Milky” and “Snappin’ & Trappin’”, Nitti Gritti has been making huge moves that has the attention of the entire industry. He just announced a highly anticipated 10 date tour and gathered thousands of people at his set at Okeechobee Music Festival, coined by many as the “best of the entire weekend”. Already having played main stage at Life In Color Miami, Nitti Gritti is one of the main headliners at Asteria Music Festival, taking place in Florida in late April. His contagious energy behind the decks is captivating attendees during every performance, establishing an extremely dedicated following of both producers and fans.

“If I told you I made it to where I want to be in life that would be a lie, but I know from the progress I’ve made from my first NSD: Black Label track to this NSD release, it’s a dream come true. To be a part of a family that is so innovative and forward thinking in the world, not only as musicians but as people, is truly a blessing. I’ve worked on this EP for a little over a year now to make not only what I like but up to the high standards Never Say Die implements is very rewarding. It has been a long journey but I have made it this far and I look forward to the future with Never Say Die.”

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