Lee Burridge and Hoj’s Tale and Tone Release Newman EP

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The next chapter in Tale and Tone’s growing illustrative catalog comes from Newman, the debut new alias of Stephan Delacotte. Although he is by no means new to the scene, Newman’s release marks a reincarnation of musical viability. With this fresh hold on life and creative output, Newman assembles a two-track EP for Hoj and Lee Burridge’s burgeoning imprint, further thickening the plot of Tale and Tone.

The title track “The Earth and The Sky” juxtaposes an artful chop of a classic vocal across staggered synth stabs that toy with each other throughout. It’s this contrast of air and grit that results in the lucid effect that perfectly encapsulate the track’s title. It’s no wonder it has received constant praise from dancefloors across the world over the last year.

The second track of the EP, “A Walk in The Plains,” effortlessly furthers that same love affair of rhythm and space with the use of hand-drums underneath huge padded soundscapes. The pads breathe over the percussive rhythms like a breeze floating over open grasslands.

While the first tune soars, the latter tune grounds, culminating in a unique and cunningly-crafted debut package from Newman.

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