Monstercat Teases Umbrella Brands Uncaged and Instinct

After a banner year in 2017 with a number of major benchmarks surpassed, Monstercat begins a new chapter in 2018 with the unveiling of Monstercat: Uncaged and Monstercat: Instinct. As the two teaser videos suggest, Uncaged and Instinct will represent the different ends of the spectrum of Monstercat’s diverse catalog and roster. Uncaged represents the heavy hitting and bass fueled side, and Instinct will be home to the pop-infused faction of music under the Monstercat umbrella.

Monstercat: Instinct represents an important development in the tastes and interests of the Monstercat family. As we’ve grown, new music, events, and clothing brands inspire us to strive for further innovation. Through an exploration of art, creativity, and beauty. Instinct will develop the unique stories of our artists worldwide.

-Mike Darlington, CEO of Monstercat

Monstercat: Uncaged is the continued evolution of the music that defined our early years. The combination of live events, bass music, and gaming laid the groundwork for our deep love of electronic music. Uncaged allows us to heighten the focus on these core elements to create a compelling experience for our community.

-Mike Darlington

The creation of these entities allows essentially two imprints under the Monstercat label to be a symbiotic ecosystem allowing our vast fanbase to each have their unique Monstercat experience. With Didrick and Adam Young of Owl City amongst a myriad of others releasing under the Monstercat: Instinct brand, and Gent & Jawns and Darren Styles joining the Monstercat: Uncaged ranks, 2018 will be incredibly bright as these two brands take flight.