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Maison Ware Debuts Sinful ‘Mind’ EP via mau5trap


An assiduously visceral journey deep into his core being, Maison Ware debuts his sinful Mind EP. The technical two-track display is available for streaming and purchase on Friday, February 28 via mau5trap.

Inviting listeners into his secret society through spell-like sounds, Maison Ware’s latest addition to his catalogue serves as a haunting exhibition of impressive midtempo mastery. Sultry sweet vocals juxtapose against a dark, fleeting bassline in the EPs namesake track, “Mind,” as Maison Ware weaves shadowy pathways into the brains deepest and darkest cavities. Laced with brooding tinges of tech-house flare, “Satisfy” yet again captivates with entrancing vocals. “Now you got me” reverberates over a nefariously oscillating bass-fueled backsound, as Maison Ware beckons the masses to join his society.

In addition to his impressive two-track EP, Maison Ware recently scored the film Spree, which premiered at Sundance 2020. Starring Stranger Things’ Joe Keery, Spree is a product of Drake’s production company Forest Hill Entertainment.

Maison Ware made his mau5trap debut on we are friends vol. 009 with “Shibuya,” a technical feat fueled by his various Japanese influences. Back now for his Mind EP, Maison Ware’s deviant sound still sees the authority of Tokyo’s towering lights and dark back alleyways of the Shibuya district. An enigmatic producer of no name, Maison Ware is all of us at once.


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