Mija Releases Debut Ep ‘How To Measure The Distance Between Lovers’

Mija has released her highly-anticipated debut EP, How To Measure The Distance Between Lovers, out today as a DIY self-release run by the artist herself. The EP sets a few milestones as her first full body of work as well as her singing debut on five of the seven tracks. Throughout the project, Mija combines her talent for vibrant electronic maximalism with an unexpected turn towards slow-burn atmosphere and poignant vocal melodies, earning praise for her fresh approach to this new chapter of her career. In her own words, “This is the first step into what I would consider to be my canon.”

Her musical roots run the gamut from choir singer to event promoter to prominent DJ, but her talents and inspirations truly flourish on the EP and show that that her artistic potential goes above and beyond straightforward dance music. This breakthrough new work has so far been compared to the likes of Björk, Burial, Oneohtrix Point Never, M83 and more. “5 AM In Paris,” with its soft-lit atmosphere and dreamy melodies, sounds like a tender ballad from an alien dimension. “Never Forget” offers a melancholy vision of young love. “It is not club music,” Mija explains, “but music that comes from my soul and lays a foundation for who I am as an artist.” These are intensely personal songs, with lyrics that don’t shy away from confronting vulnerable moments. “Make me feel something,” she demands on the wrenching ballad “Speak To Me.” “The Last Song I Ever Wrote U,” tackles the end of a difficult relationship over twinkling electronics and lush, orchestral soundscapes. This EP cements the arrival of a gravity-shifting talent, as Mija takes full control of her narrative and pushes her sound somewhere utterly unexpected yet totally necessary.

Mija is also on the road now for her Never B Alone tour, see all tour dates below.

2/15 – Brooklyn, NYC – House Of Yes
2/16 – Philadelphia, PA – Rumour
2/17 – Savannah, GA – Elan
2/22 – Grand Rapids, MI – The Intersection
2/23 – Milwaukee, WI – Miramar Theatre
2/24 – Cambridge, MA – Sonia
3/2 – Dallas, TX – It’ll Do Club
3/10 – Phoenix, AZ – Scarlet at Monarch Theatre
3/16 – Seattle, WA – Foundation Nightclub