Michael Mason Releases New Single ‘Evil Presence’ feat. Sophie Meiers

Hailing from New York, Michael’s productions exemplify the very essence of the carefree, vivacious, and energetic nature that is a highly sought after, but rarely achieved characteristic in an industry that is currently oversaturated with unimaginative, lifeless sounds passed off as modern electronic music. Remarkably, Michael manages to blend together elements from a plethora of styles and genres, creating a sound that is undeniably unique, refreshing, and without equal. For this music, he’s earned praise from blogs like Nest HQ, Indie Shuffle, Acid Stag, Run The Trap, and Your EDM. His last collaboration with Sophie, “Don’t Be Scared,” has over 750,000 streams on Spotify and he released his ‘Let It Fall’ EP around one year ago.


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