EDMBoutique Exclusive Interview – MHE

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with the legendary DJ / Producer and former partner of the EDM act called Daddy’s Groove, MHE. We spoke about everything from the past to the future. Check out the article below!

Gianni Romano

Where are you from?
Italy, Naples

What inspired the name MHE, and when to did the project begin?
The idea of MHE was born because I wanted to represent my solo project, find a name that meant “is me”
after so many years with Daddy’s Groove. So two years ago was born MHE

How long have you been producing / DJing?
As producer 15 years. As dj 25 Years

Where do you pull inspiration while producing new music?
There is no one thing in particular depends on so many factors on mood from what I did the day before, from a movie seen by an evening spent at a club … so many things.

What are some of the differences you see in production now opposed to When you started producing?
Surely the experience and the technique of using the tools we have in the studio !!

How have your huge tracks ‘The Thrill Is Gone’ & ‘The Sounds of Silence’ only impacted you career?
I was really surprised because I did not think to receive so much feedback and support from DJs and friends, who play and produce totally different genres. For Example the thrill is gone supports by Alesso and David Guetta, Tube and Berger and Solomun and many others…

What does the Daddy’s Groove project mean to you and how did it impact you career as a producer and DJ?
Daddy’s Groove was created to dedicate to my father the music they were producing in the studio, and clearly was the project that allowed me to grow as an artist, traveling to play around the world.

What inspired Switch Lab and what can we expect from switches in the future?
Switch lab is the essence of my change, Switch before being a label is my Party I do every Friday in my City, www.switchclubbing.com. He says the same word “Switch” is my new journey I hope to be able to do what I like and have fun with the music that I now feel more mine.

What do you want listeners to take away after listening to an episode of Radio Switch? Who can we expect to play Switch Radio in 2016?
They love my style of music like me, I’ve had several guests with me because as I told you at my party play my friends and we have a live broadcast of all sets!

What would be your favorite original track (s) produced and why are they so important to you?
Daddy’s Groove – Rendez Vous, because it is the first single. Daddy’s Groove Stellar because it marked the evolution of the Daddy’s Groove project, and MHE – The thrill is gone because it is the beginning of my new journey.

What is you favorite collaboration to date?
Axwell – David Guetta and now the beginning of a collaboration with Michel Cleis and Coyu

What can we expect from MHE for the rest of 2016?
To continue to make music that I like 🙂

Do you have any advice for upcoming producers / DJs who are just getting started in the industry?
Always believe in what you do, commit not to give up, do not stop dreaming.

What are a few of your favorite song (s) at the moment?
Gianni Romano – down down down out June 6th.

What other electronic music artist are inspiring you at the moment?
Maceo Plex & Me and Solomun

Besides music what are some of you passions and interests?
The kitchen, I love cooking.

If you planned your own summer festival who would be your top three headliners?
Marco Carola
Maceo Plex

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