Magna Drops ‘Tombs’ EP via SUPERDEAD

Magna “Tombs EP”
The first EP in 3+ years from Philadelphia based producer Magna is a complete shift in style. The aggression and harshness remains but is now punctuated by orchestral and beautifully melodic sections. Inspired by rave tapes of the 1990’s this EP is punctuated by haunting soundbites and references to the classics of decades ago, and as accumulated a layer of dust, just like it’s forefathers. Still there are the more modern flourishes, but no standard DJ builds or shouts to let you know they are arriving, just the stark contrast between elements. More so, the aggressive mastering on the entire project highlights the difference between quiet, reserved sections, and the bombastic loud attacks that are scattered throughout the project.

As music continues a path towards an abundance of commercial, carbon copies, there’s a cry for something different. Occasionally, a solo artist or genre will break through the ceiling and push the envelope a little further, but most new music still follows the same worn out patterns from years ago without being truly subversive. Enter Superdead, a collective out of Philadelphia.

Superdead’s goal is to dig into the hidden alleys of new music, to find people and sounds that can’t yet be classified. Superdead wants to find and release the tunes that the big guys say “no” to, because they weren’t made for top 100 DJ’s, or their 128 BPM live sets. The focus is not about the latest Beatport charts, or following the latest trend. Instead, it’s towards satisfying the audience of those who are bored with cookie-cutter drum lines, over produced synth drops, and “everybody fucking jump”. Those who want something a little more punk, a little more real, a little more organic. Superdead does not want to hear your new DJ Tool. Superdead does not want to stand there through your extreme buildup. Superdead wants to successfully bridge the gap between the upcoming generation of producers and the veterans that inspired them by reintroducing music fans to the weird, warehouse days before this mainstream era began.

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