We recently had the pleasure of catching up with one of our favorite DJs / Producer, Low Steppa. Already setting off 2018 with his recent releases ’19th January’ & ‘The Scene’ Remix, you can already tell it is going to be a huge year for the homie. Check out what Low Steppa had to say about his year, label, the industry and more in the exclusive interview below. Make sure you follow him to stay updated on news, events and releases!

Real Name?
Will Bailey.

What inspired the name Low Steppa?
Cheap horrible Tesco beer and a Dominoes pizza, then the magic happened.

What is the most impactful moment in life that made you realise you wanted to pursue music?
I always wanted to do music since I was a little kid but it was the magic of vinyl that really did it for me. Record shopping and vinyl for sure. There was a magic about technics. I would be at Art college and I was just have to leave, jump on a train to the city and I would just spend hours in record shops. Just typing this gives me goose bumps about those days and there will never be days like them again. It was so much more social too, you would meet people in the stores and get to know people in the city, now you sit at home looking at a computer, its so different.

How long have you been DJ & Producing?
I’ve been djing now for nearly 20 years and producing for about 15 of those. Thats includes a few years of not knowing what the hell I was doing!

With the industry being so oversaturated, do you feel it is harder to maintain an original sound and why?
Yeah its much harder to stand out, most records have a shelf life of a few weeks if that, its such a fast turn around with everything, you really have to work hard.

Do you feel like your style has change over the years with the progression of the industry?
My style is a constantly changing, I’ve made all sorts and I probably always will. Right now though I’m very happy with my style and I basically do me. I don’t worry myself with certain labels being the in thing or certain sounds. Some of things people see as cool I think aren’t. I think cool is doing what you want.

What is your favorite Low Steppa production of all time and why?
Maybe my remix of Deep Inside as it has all the elements of what Low Steppa is about. Its classic, its bassy, its vintage, its garagey, all at the same time. I still play it in most sets.

What led you to starting your own label and what inspired the name Simma Black?
Basically this is similar to my answer about doing my own thing. Labels are looking for a certain sound. I don’t make music to try and get on a certain label so having my own imprint was the natural thing to do and its grown really well. I feel that we have our own thing going on.

What is the overall mission for the label and what sound can people expect for upcoming releases?
Its about being us and not changing to be current and then being uncurrent. Its about being timeless. We could have jumped ship and gone all out tech house but we do what we do. We are consistent I think and thats really important to us.

What Simma Black artists should we look out for in 2018?
Leon Benesty, Dennis Quin, Scott Diaz, Toyboy & Robin.

What can we expect from you in 2018?
I have some new singles coming, some nice vocal house, I have some big stuff in the works but right now its top secret!

What other artists are inspiring you at the moment?
Black Loops, I love them.

If you could collab with any artist who would it be?

Besides music what are some of your passions and interests?
If I get any free time I like to watch wildlife documentaries, free time is rare though, there is always something to be done, a track, a mix, a radio show, an interview!

If you could plan your own festival who would be your top 5 headliners?
Kerri Chandler, Roger Sanchez, Louie Vega, Miguel Migs, John Julius Knight back to back Brian Tappert.