Los Angeles’ Tony Pops Releases “We Belong”

LA’s own Tony Pops cordially introduces 1974 to the year 3000 with an upcoming future-disco pop single, “We Belong.” Unlike many of today’s electronic songs, Tony’s production uniquely places complex guitar lines front and center beside vogue-y chord clusters and a synth countermelody.

Distinctly dance floor ready, “We Belong” is one of those songs that bops through your head as soon as work lets out, inviting you to let go of anything but the beat. Tony reflects the bewildered romance of chance encounters through a contagious beat and a provocative plea, begging some lost soul to “stay honest, you can tell me anything.”

Tony Pops is originally from Chicopee, MA. Now based in Los Angeles, CA. Tony started off as a drummer in rock bands growing up. He has been writing and producing his own music for the last year- taking full control of his own ideas and expression. His 2016 singles, ‘Hands On You’ and ‘Mine’ have made a bit of a splash for him. ‘Mine’ was played on KCRW Radio late 2016.

His first single music video, “P.S.” was featured on Paper Magazine March 24, 2017. “We Belong” is his second single off of his upcoming debut EP set to release Summer 2017.