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Box Of Cats Releases Huge Compilation ‘Litterbox 06’

As you can imagine, we’re sent cat memes all the time. The number of photos with cats in boxes is actually astounding, just as astounding as the amount of demos we receive. We receive so much great music that just doesn’t fit into our release schedule, so every now and then we throw a bunch of them into a compilation for you guys. This gives us the chance to showcase many artists from around the world in one dynamite package.

Today we present to you the 6th installment of our Litterbox compilation series. We’ve tried to build an energy from the beginning, with a crescendo in the middle and an easy finish. There is everything you might expect from a Box of Cats compilation, and probably a bunch of stuff you wouldn’t…

Litterbox 6 includes tracks from some of our known favourites like SLY TURNER, MONISTA, ROCKSTED and MIDDATH. It also features some fresh new faces such as TOM CLASSIC, AVAA, PHINEO and DR. 1MORE.

Being original, quirky and fun is what Box Of Cats has always been about, and we truly believe this compilation is exactly that.

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