NYC-based producer Lick Twist Releases New Single ‘Be Loved’

Daniel Oron, aka Lick Twist, is an NYC-based producer & multi-instrumentalist creating a one-of-a-kind fusion through both electronic and acoustic music. His original professional pursuit was to become a skateboarder, but he found his way in production after shattering his ankle at 14. He was self-taught in production and sound design and after years of producing and writing original music, working at studios around the city, and attending Berklee School of Music for electronic music production and sound design, he began releasing music under the alias Lick Twist.

Lick Twist has over 6 million streams across platforms and has received significant praise including features on Sirius XM’s BPM Radio and Electric Area, specifically on Liquid Todd and MAKJ’s shows, respectively. He’s received support from Gareth Emery, with his track “Lost & Lonely VIP” which was previously released under his label, Garuda, and has also received playlist support from Anna Lunoe on her Hyperhouse show. He’s been featured on major publications including Dancing Astronaut, AXS, Impose Magazine, Your EDM, and many others. Daniel was recently on tour with College Weekly as direct support for Lost Kings and Vicetone, and headlined a show in the Bahamas for STFU & Party Spring Break with Kap Slap and Ying Yang Twins. His track “High Bun” made it to Australia and Canada’s daily and weekly Viral 50 charts, as well as Trap Nation and Friday Cratediggers on Spotify.

“Be Loved” was originally created as an acoustic instrumental, but over time it evolved into a combination of both electronic and acoustic sound, which inspired the addition of a female vocalist to enhance the soulful, memorable nature of the track. Consistent with his constant effort to break genre barriers, this record combines pop, soul, and hip hop with electronic textures.

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