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Keanu Silva, Germany’s “Best-kept Secret” Interview


Keanu Silva started 2019 by teaming up with Don Diablo for a remake of the classic tune ‘King of My Castle’ which instantly turned out to be a worldwide dance smash! Following up with some solo productions such as ‘You Got The Love’ and several remixes for big artists like Felix Jaehn, The Chainsmokers and Ava Max. To top things off, a slick collab with Laidback Luke happened when they combined forces for ‘Oh Yes’! Now, besides playing many international shows and releasing the remix of Ava Max’s ‘Freaking Me Out’, there are many exciting projects coming up for 2020!

During Amsterdam Dance Event 2019, Keanu Silva received an award at the 1001 Tracklist event. As #23 in the top 101 producers list, he is the biggest new entry of 2019! On top of that, the remake of ‘King of My Castle’ became #4 Best Song of this year.

With performances at Miami Music Week, Tomorrowland, Sunrise Festival, Parookaville, New Horizons, Amsterdam Dance Event and in early December even in Bangkok at the 808 Festival, Keanu Silva is ready to concur the world!

Now, with an authentic and mysterious future house meets progressive sound, Keanu Silva is aiming to contend at the highest level in the dance industry. While receiving huge support from influential colleagues and dropping one slick production after another with a mellifluous signature sound, Keanu Silva is rising from the masses like a lightning bolt!


1. If you think about 2019, what have been your biggest highlights?

Tomorrowland with Don Diablo, Sunrise Festival with a sick slot between TT and The Chainsmokers. Further, I have the 808 Festival in Bangkok coming up early December which I’m very excited about.


2. At what moment did you start realizing things were turning around for you as a DJ/producer?

Did they? 🙂 I think it was once all the big guys reached out to me. At that moment, it really made me feel respected by them!


3. When you are not working on your music or doing shows, what do you like to do?

In my free time, I like to go to the gym, meeting with friends, etc. I think you need to keep doing these casual things to stay balanced, healthy and focused.


4. You have been doing many shows in Poland lately, what is the thing you like most about playing there?

I love the crazy party people in Poland! The crowds over there always give me so much energy and that makes playing shows in Poland amazing.


5. Are you nervous before doing a show?

I really love playing shows. I love to connect with my fans and experience their response to my music. So I would say that I am more excited than nervous before doing a show.


6. Could you name one thing that you love most about doing shows?

Yes, I absolutely love it when people recognize my songs and sing them with me! I think that’s the best part.


7. What was the moment when you discovered that ‘King Of My Castle’ became such a success?

At one point I saw that the streaming-numbers were growing and growing. That moment was just so unreal and very impressive! It was only then when I realized it was getting so big and for the track ending on #4 Best Songs of 2019 was just amazing!


8. What did you like about Ava Max’s ‘Freaking Me Out’ that you wanted to remix the track?

They actually reached out to me and asked for a remix of the track. I was truly feeling honored when the request came in and I am really happy with the final result :)!


9. Which show in 2019 was your favorite one?

Definitely Tomorrowland! I think it’s the dream of every DJ to play out there and the fact that I could play there was an unforgettable experience.


10. What are your goals for the future?

I want to focus on staying creative and doing my best to produce the music my fans will love.


11. How would you describe yourself as an artist in 3 words?

Friendly, grounded and definitely hungry haha!


12. Are there any tracks coming up soon and can you tell us a little bit about it?

As an artist, you are working on new music almost around the clock, but rarely 1% of it is getting released at the end. However, it’s that one percent that we are really looking forward to showing the world in 2020!


13. If it could be anyone you can think of, who would you wanna collab with in the future?

Hmm, there are so many amazing artists out there with who we would like to work. But for now, we will be focussing on some solo productions first :).

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