King Deco shares Jordan XL’s swirling trap influenced remix of “Read My Lips”

Jordanian born / Brooklyn based singer King Deco welcomes listeners into the Decosphere, where regal indie pop meets Middle Eastern influenced opulence for a truly unique sound experience that marries Deco’s past and present.

After the success of her latest single “Read My Lips” which has garnered almost half a million streams on Spotify, Deco today shares Jordan XL’s addictive remix of the track. The Los Angeles based producer/songwriter counts credits with Mike Posner, Shawn Mendes, Robin Schultz, Carly Rae Jepsen, Fergie, Nas, and Bryson Tiller and lends his production acumen to “Read My Lips” to create an electro-pop meets trap single.

“I heard Jordan XL’s remix of Mike Posner’s ‘Be As You Are’ when I was back home in Jordan and had it on repeat for days,” Deco says of Jordan XL. “I decided to reach out with “Read My Lips” and within a week he’d sent me this remix. It’s definitely one of my favs!”

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