Kazlo Releases New Single ‘Young Together’ Featuring Helen Tess


Electronic music producer Kazlo is excited to announce the release of his newest single “Young Together” featuring vocalist Helen Tess. This uplifting and forward thinking track incorporates synth, reverb, beautiful lyrics and percussion to create an emotionally charged symphonic masterpiece perfect for the dance floor. Kazlo’s cinematic composition and Helen Tess’ beautifully written poetic lyrics perfectly compliment each other. At its root, the song is about how true romance lasts forever and as the title implies no matter how old a couple grows, they will always stay “young together” at the root of their relationship. “Young Together” is now available on SoundCloud, iTunes, and Spotify.

Kazlo is an electronic music producer, songwriter and lifelong musician who began experimenting with music production at the age of eighteen. With his years of classical piano training and influences from a wide variety of musical genres, Kazlo creates versatile melodic music that resonates with his audience in a way that engenders strong emotions. An incoming senior at Cornell University, Kazlo aspires to pursue a career as an electronic music producer.

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