EDMBoutique Exclusive Interview: Julian Jordan

Julian Jordan is another one of those Dutch wonderkids who has been producing music since a young age. He has collaborated with his fellow graduate of the Herman Brood Academy in the Netherlands, Martin Garrix. He’s worked with Sander van Doorn and also released a pair of solo tracks, “All Night” and “Pilot”, in 2016 thus far. Coming fresh off of his first headlining performance at Webster Hall in New York City, we caught up with Julian about his show, his New York experience, and his upcoming birthday. Julian returns to New York on Friday, June 17th for a show at Lavo – stay tuned to EDM Boutique for details!

Have you traveled to New York City before this weekend? How often?

I’ve been here a lots of times and I really love this city. The city gives me so much energy and the vibe is awesome.

What was it like headlining a show in NYC for the first time?

Amazing, really loved the energy and it’s amazing to see so many people showing up specially to see me!

What made Webster Hall the perfect venue for this event?

I love the history behind it and the venue looked amazing. I always heard great stories about this venue from other DJs and thought this was the perfect venue for me.

Did you play any unreleased music? 

Yeah a lot actually, I played all my new music I’ve been working on in the studio these past months.

Since you’ve been here so many times, have you been able to experience the New York nightlife outside of performing?

I’m still 20! Haha, I turn 21 this August and I hope I can do a show in the US on my birthday!!

We saw on Twitter that you spent your day shopping before the gig – what’d you get?

2 new jackets and a lots of t shirts! I love the shops in NYC, all these dope fashion brands are based there and there’s so much choice.

In your opinion, what makes New York so unique?

I love it how the atmosphere is different in all these different areas. I can walk around the Meatpacking [District] with a totally different vibe then I had 30 minutes before [the show] on Broadway.

Do you follow any artists from the NYC area?

Yeah LVNDSCAPE is a good friend, he lives in NYC but is from Holland. Also A-Trak is a legend for me, always made dope music and his DJ skills are next level.

There are a few incredible music festivals in the Big Apple, which would you most want to play (EDC NY, Governor’s Ball, Panorama, Electric Zoo)?

EDC Las Vegas is always a super fun, so I would love to play at the NY festival as well!

When will you be playing in New York again?

Next month I play at Lavo, you should come and check me out 😉

What is your best memory from NYC?

The nice shopping and the amazing areas and of course my first headlining show last weekend!!

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