EDMBoutique Exclusive Interview: Jessica Audiffred

We recently had the pleasure of catching up with one of our tops picks for artist to look out for in 2016, Jessica Audiffred. The talented female producer and DJ has been making some waves in the industry over the past 6 months and we really expect this to be a gigantic year for her! Check out some of her thoughts below!!

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How long have you been producing / DJing, and what were your early inspirations in becoming an electronic artist?

I finished my music production course about 3 years and half, so that’s basically how long i’ve been producing, but i started DJing about 5 years ago, my early inspirations were Chemical Bothers, Félix da Housecat, Fatboy Slim, i remember watching a dvd from Fatboy Slim playin at Rio de Janeiro, and I was like…hmmm, that seems like the best job of the entire world, I started to go to every electronic party I could find just to see what the DJ was doing, how he mixed, the songs they played, and all of my friends were telling me to get involved with that since I love it so much, so, I started to know some friends that were kind enough to teach me how to mix, and since then that’s all i’ve been doing.

Where do you currently pull inspiration from while producing?

I honestly have the most lousy attention, so when i start to do the lead, I end up doing the snares, or whatever, I hear something from a song I like and I try to recreate that sound and suddenly i’m doing the complete opposite, so basically my inspiration comes from every sound I hear in a song or the every day basis, maybe I should just sample everything and have a bank sound just for that, it could save some time…

What electronic genre most describes Jessica Audiffred, and what genre do you see yourself exploring in the future?

I feel like Trap is my most defining genre, although, im getting into a future bass a lot, thats a genre i’ve loved every since I started to hear it, but then there’s global bass and jersey club, or dubstep and moombahton, and I find myself in all of those genres and I would like to try any of them in the future, there’s no set in which I don’t play any of that.

What lead to the launch of your own imprint label A Records?

A lot of things, one is me just wanting to create something on my own, not to depend on other labels to have my music on different platforms, and another one is my feel to give a little push to upcoming artists, young producers who make amazing music but they´re not necessarily on the spotlight, i think they should be heard somehow, plus in my country we don`t have that many labels that supports this genres, so it could be something great for these artists to have a label were they can release songs in which they believe completely.

What can we expect from the labels in 2016 via artist, genres and focus?

I’m definitely hearing a lot more future bass now, and global bass in general, I think that’s were we’re going, at least for a while, many EDM labels are asking for different genres right now, somehow, the Electronic dance Music consumers are going for different sounds, not just wanting to go crazy and dance, but to been able to hear something with more content in it, of course there is audience for everything but i do feel that we´re going to hear a lot of future bass on the labels coming soon.

Out of your two 2016 releases “GTFB” & “KO” which track means the most to you and why?

GTFB was definitely a big surprise to me, I mean my first release premiered on NEST HQ, you don’t know how happy I was, I wasn’t expecting that, NEST HQ has always been one of my favorite media outlets and to see my name there among other great producers it was amazing, so i’ll always have a special love for GTFB in that sense.

What can we look forward to from your next upcoming single and when will it be released?

My next single is “No invitation”, that song has an amazing feel to it, i’m excited for all of you to hear it, so I think that one is releasing next month.

You have played some huge festivals and really trendy brand events. What differs when your creating your live sets going into events?

I have two 64 G USB ready to rumble, when i’m on top of the stage i know exactly what to play, except when i’m really nervous, that’s when I tend play the first song that I see, but I hope that does´t happen again.


What has been your favorite festival moment thus far?

I think EDC Mexico, just because it was a small stage but i didn´t expect to see that many people gathered there just to hear me, I was playing at the same time that Yellow Claw, so imagine my fear, but that’s when I understood that there’s audience for everyone, and that no matter what genre you are playing, there are people who wants to listen to it, so I felt really grateful.

Statistics show that EDM is primarily a male-dominated industry. Has being a female affected the course of your career in anyway?

Of course, I don’t see how being a women could affect your career, if you are good at what you do, it really don’t matter if you’re a female or a male, in fact being a female draws way more attention to you, it’s ten times harder for a male producer to be known than a female, im not saying that’s good but unfortunately is that way, so i feel is my responsibility to keep up with that, I have to prove myself and keep on making great music just to not let myself down, I have to step up to my game and deliver amazing work otherwise I wouldn’t be happy or satisfied.

Do you have any advice for upcoming producers/DJs who are just getting started in the industry?

Yes, keep on uploading great music, somehow someone is listening to you right now, so show the world what you can do, prepare yourself in every aspect, try on music classes, try to take a course of synthesis or whatever, but keep on creating great stuff, there’s no way you won’t get noticed if you continue to learn new things and deliver cool songs, there’s no way!

What are some of the goals you have for 2016 to advance your career?

I would love to grow A-Records, possibly collaborate with some of the OWSLA artists, mainly to tour all over the world, even i’m excited to see what can I do on different countries, how would people react to my latin flow…

What are your favorite song(s) at the moment?

My Jack Ü remix for sure, im not even kidding, i like it a lot, also my next release “No invitation”, a few days ago I had to play at a fashion runway and they let me hanging on my dressing room for like half an hour and all i listened was “no invitation”, like on repeat, im a freak sometimes, also, “Dancing with Fire” from Boombox Cartel.

What other artists are inspiring you right now.

NGHTMRE, Cesqeaux, Vindata, Baauer, RL Grime, Anna Lunoe, Flux Pavilion, Keys N Krates, and many more…

If you could collab with any artist who would it be?

Valentino Khan!

Besides music what are some of you passions and interests?

Many people don’t know this but im a psychologist, i’m into mental illness a lot and every time I can I catch up on some reading but when i have some free time I rather play pokemon to be honest.

We have noticed you love sneakers. What would be a few of you favorite pairs and would you consider yourself a sneaker-head?

I love sneakers, I don’t even have a place were to put them, but I just keep on buying them, I can’t resist myself, my two favorite pairs are my Yeezy boost 350 in pirate black and my Jordan 1 Melo, I don’t know if I could be a sneaker head though, there are people who put a lot of effort into that and I just go to my regular store or to any type of sneaker store and if see something a like a buy it, if I don’t then it’s ok, there are a few pairs that i do try to find every once in a while but I don’t put a lot of work into it.

No, but actually i do love owning cool sneakers.