PREMIERE: Baba Sonya Releases Electro Psych Pop Single ‘JEREMIAH’

Baba Sonya’s latest track “Jeremiah,” tells a heartbreaking tale of regret. Dissecting all that is left of a situation or relationship; analyzing those broken parts, and clearly seeing where things were fractured… but only after it is too late. Rachel Gawell’s vocals are so powerful, audacious, and melancholy. They somehow fill the room without seeping through any cracks under the door. This, along with the percussion kits and angelic acoustics make an alluring and powerful song. Take all the beauty and humanity of ‘Mount Erie’, mixed with that of a bellowing ‘Bjork’ vocal.

Baba Sonya is the creative relationship between Rachel Gawell and Mike Costaney. Since 2015, this catalog of music has served as their outlet to confront thoughts of hope, loss, and existential uncertainty with jarring vulnerability and occasional levity. Originally a vocal-trading songwriting project, Baba Sonya has evolved into a producer/songwriter effort with Mike creating an environment for Rachel’s writing and voice. With a couple of microphones and Sundays in November, the duo had performed and recorded four of their most emotionally-unveiled songs Rachel had written to date. Baba Sonya presents Nadila, an EP and glance at their current state as artists.