EDMBoutique Exclusive Interview: Inpetto

We recently had the pleasure of catching up with the brother duo Inpetto from Germany. Check out the interview below and see what they had to say!


What are your names? Where are you from?
Our names are Dirk and Marco Duderstadt, we both are brothers and come from West Germany’s Ruhr area.

What inspired the name Inpetto?
The name came up in 1999 when we made a remix in italo-house-style. The name simply should sound Italian.

How long have you been producing / DJing?
We DJ since 1995 and and also started producing at that time hobby wise. Our first official release was 1999.

Who are some of your early inspirations and what current artist are inspiring you today?
Early Inspirations for us were Ferry Corsten, Mauro Picotto, Deep Dish, BT

Where do you pull creativity from when producing new music?
We have different ways of starting a new track. You can have a concrete idea running around inside your head – mostly at night, when you are liying in bed but not in the studio – or you play around with your plugins until you have found some interesting starting point. In some other cases, espacially remixes you have a vocal line which gets you inspired.

What are a few differences you see in electronic production since your debut in 1999?
In 1999 there were software synths like you have today not existant. Nearly everything came out of external hardware-equipment. And everything had to be saved separately. So if you wanted to work on a track, you had to load up nearly every single sound that you’ve used in the project. It also made producing much more expencive.

What are a few releases that mean the most to you and why?
The tracks that mean something to us are ‘Toca Me’ cause it was our first release and everything started with it, and the Inpetto Remix 2008 for Toca’s Miracle, because this was the time when our side  project ‘Inpetto’ became our main project.

What is you favorite collaboration to date?
Our collaboration with Morgan Page, because he came to Germany to produce some stuff. It was two days full of producer-talking and making sounds. It was awesome to see, how he is working in the studio. The track was named „Sinobia“ and was released on Cr2.

Do you think being a duo gives you an advantage in production and live performances and why?
Of course it gives us advantage production-wise. Two brains are more inspired than one. Also Marco is likely workingfrom noon/afternoon until midnight and me (Dirk) is working from early morning til Afternoon. So the studio is almost 24/7 in production mode.

After two huge remixes releases in 2016 thus far, Galantis – Louder, Harder Better & Helena -Pasilda. What can we expect for the rest of 2016?
You can expect a collab with Johnny Bravo & Kelly Leigh, a new track featured by Lauren Mason and a collab with some cool guys from Israel called HITS`O´GOOD. We started this track in Amsterdam at a writers camp during last years ADE.

With festival season approaching what festivals can we expect to see you at this summer?
Right now we are in São Paulo to play at Tomorrow Land Brasil in a couple of hours. We are also looking forward to play at Tomorrow Land Belgium this year. We are also going to play Airbeat One and Parookaville in Germany, Federal Music Festival in Brasilia so far.

If you can name one festival moment that you will always remember what would it be?
Playing mainstage at Nature One in front of 10.000 people with the sunset in our back. Was such an amazing atmosphere.

What kind of preparation goes into your live festival sets, opposed to a normal club night?
Festival Sets are much likely a bit harder – the songs are much shorter. We are doing a lot of edits and mash ups for the festival sets to play tracks nobody else is playing there. On club nights we usually don´t need to cut tracks as most of the people like to listen to some original and melodic music.

Do you have any advice for upcoming producers/DJs who are just getting started in the industry?
Stay open minded, be patient and have fun in what you are doing. Becoming a superstar is nothing that happens overnight.

What are a few of your favorite song(s) at the moment?
Destructo – 4 Real feat. Ty Dolla Sign & ILOVEMAKONNEN (JOYRYDE Swurve Mix)
Jauz & Netski – Higher
Autoerotique – The Sound (Feat. Major Lazer)

If you planned your own summer festival who would be your top three headliners?
Steve Aoki to get a private cake-job, Diplo and Zedd because we saw them playing in Bootshaus cologne, and they were absolutely great!

Besides music what are some of you passions and interests?
Marco: I like photography and videography
Dirk: my son and travelling

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