INF1N1TE Releases New Track ‘Alone’

With over 1.1 million plays tackled in the last year alone, INF1N1TE is becoming one of the fastest rising artist in the bass music game, across multiple continents. Fans latch on to INF1N1TE due to the journey he takes you on, via bass-heavy genres and tempos. The arrangement being one of his strengths, allowing him to deliver anthems, fast-paced bangers, and a range of energy levels sometimes built into a single release.
INF1N1TE isn’t just music, it’s a ride along with an adventurous introverted kid while he journeys the wave of the dance music industry and culture – with all the ups and downs that come with it. From the color scheme to the characters, INF1N1TE knows what it means to build a world around his music. INF1N1TE also caught the eye of Jonathan Davis, the lead singer of Korn – lucky enough to work with him on a project. “Alone” is the next chapter in what has been a several year story – an excellent example of his style and sound described. INF1N1TE is currently working on a tour and will have announcement upcoming soon.

Hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, INF1N1TE, is making tremendous waves on the electronic music scene with his phenomenally innovative, sharp and devastating sounds. In just a few years of working under this project, INF1N1TE has pulled support by the ranks in both fans and fellow artists attracted to his original and honest approach to keeping things real and fresh in both music production and presentation. His undeniably exceptional skill and signature style of ballistic bass work and crushing composition hike up the already sky-high anticipation for his plethora of titanic tracks to come in the next year. With releases and remixes on heavyweight labels, Play Me Records, Ultragore Recordings, and Sumerian Records, INF1N1TE stands tirelessly committed at the dawn of a massive new era for himself as an artist, perfecting his already vast knowledge and profound ability in his work.