DJ Afterthought Releases ‘HUSTLE GAWD’ Feat. BORN I MUSIC

Ryan Haynes aka DJ Afterthought has long been known in the hip hop world for his work with Riff Raff but the Pittsburgh legend has recently stepped out of his comfort zone to bring the world his self titled “Afterthought EP.” Shining from the EP is the hard hitting single “HUSTLE GAWD” featuring DC native, Born I Music .

In anticipation for the EP, Dj Afterthought had a few words to share on the release. “I’ve been here learning and progressing for a while, and it’s now finally time to share my work with the world. It’s been a long hard road but the time is now and I hope you all enjoy”

“HUSTLE GAWD” is the first single from the “Afterthought” EP, dropping on Jan 12, 2018 along with 6 other original tracks by DJ Afterthought . The song is full of playful melodies, heavy basslines, and vigorous lyrics courtesy of Born I Music. The Afterthought EP is followed up by DJ Afterthought’s debut hip-hop album, “Cool Blue Jewels” with Riff Raff out Feb 9, 2018.