Top 5 Tracks From Hillsdom & Viper Presents Drum & Bass Summer Slammers 2017

Viper Recordings annual ‘Drum & Bass Summer Slammers’ series returns for its 8th installment with 34 tracks from the hottest names in DNB from around the world! Featuring 10 brand new unreleased tracks, along with some of the biggest tracks and remixes of the year, the soundtrack to the perfect summer is here!

Summer Slammers is jam-packed full of Drum & Bass superstars including: Matrix & Futurebound, Dimension, InsideInfo, Cyantific, Friction, Maxim (of The Prodigy), Jaguar Skills, Tantrum Desire, The Prototypes, Original Sin, Koven, Mob Tactics, Trei, The Upbeats, Turno, North Base, Murdock, Dossa & Locuzzed, BMotion, and more!
Viper boss, Futurebound has also rounded up 10 hot new unreleased Viper exclusive tracks from rising stars including: Hillsdom, Insomniax, Toronto Is Broken, Dub Elements, Cynematic, Disaszt, Aktiv, Juno, Living Plastic, and Octo – along with a bonus DJ mix by Spanish duo Dub Elements.

Drum & Bass Summer Slammers 2017 Megamix (Mixed by Dub Elements)

Top 5 Tracks From Hillsdom
We recently had the pleasure if catching up with Hillsdom for their top 5 Summer Tunes in honor of Viper Presents Drum & Bass Summer Slammers 2017 Compilation!

Bcee and S.P.Y- Is Anybody Out There
Straight in with a classic, this has been a big tune for us whatever the weather. This particular track always gives us that beautiful morning sunrise feeling.

Alix Perez & Spectrasoul – The Need
This is a fresh one just added to our summer favs, from the masters that are Alix Perez and Spectrasoul. Crisp shuffling beats, stunning chords, arps and a vocal resonate deepness while remaining a truly uplifting vibe.
It’s an eyes closed with the sun on your face type tune.

DJ Fresh – Babylon Rising (feat. Pendulum)
This tune takes us right back to our beginnings and also has that deeper summer vibe. The patois vocal and ragga musical elements scream summery. Imagine driving down a beautiful coastline looking out to the sea and reminiscing about the beautiful journey of life.

Break – Music Is Better
What an absolute tune this is – from the opening, it is soaked in beauty. What’s great about this track is the very musical intro with half time beats that lead you into a self of security and then bam, the drop is classic Break, funky yet dirty. Definitely something for everyone in this tune. Yeah, music is ‘definitely’ better 🙂

Document One – Follow Me
Lastly, another brilliantly produced track by Document One – it’s got that new school drop with a very musical liquid build up layered with awesome vocals. All the the things that we look for in one tune.

Viper Presents Drum & Bass Summer Slammers 2017 TRACKLIST:
1. Matrix & Futurebound – Fire (feat. Max Marshall)
2. Dimension – Generator
3. Murdock – Make Me Stronger (feat. Jenna G)
4. NCT – Away From Here
5. Cyantific – Outatime (Pt.2)
6. InsideInfo – Renegade (feat. Jakes)
7. T antrum Desire – Genesis (Friction Remix)
8. Turno, North Base – Third Eye (feat. Harry Shotta)
9. Matrix & Futurebound – The Wall
10. BMotion vs. Dossa & Locuzzed – Love Blind
11. Mob Tactics – Get Dirty (VIP Mix)
12. Original Sin – Red Mist
13. Futurebound vs. Jaguar Skills – Shadow King
14. BMotion – Bear Hug (VIP Mix)
15. Dossa & Locuzzed – Stoned Love
16. Blaine Stranger – I See The End
17. Maxim – Baddest Breed (feat. Cianna Blaze) (InsideInfo Remix)
18. Trei – Shangri-La (feat. The Upbeats)
19. Dub Elements – Heartbeat
20. Killer Hertz – Prometheus
21. Milli Major – Remember Me (feat. Flirta D & Scrufizzer) (Ekko & Sidetrack Remix)
22. Ekko & Sidetrack – One Time
23. Mob Tactics – Now Is The Time
24. Hillsdom – Thoughtless *
25. Juno – Raptor *
26. Insomniax – Goldsmith Road *
27. Toronto Is Broken – Pushin’ *
28. Aktive – Hyperflow *
29. Living Plastic – Sunset For You *
30. Dub Elements – Short Circuit *
31. Cynematic – Shuttle*
32. Octo Pi – Eraser *
33. Disaszt – Vogue *
34. Drum & Bass Summer Slammers 2017 Mixed by Dub Elements *
*New, unreleased exclusive track