EDMBoutique Exclusive Interview: Hellberg

We recently had the chance to chat with one of our favorite rising stars, Hellberg! The producer / DJ had some amazing productions released in 2015, only to follow it up with a huge year in 2016. Learn more about the talented Hellberg below and follow him to stay updated on news, events and releases!


Where are you from originally?
Stockholm, Sweden

What inspired the name Hellberg?
It’s my actual last name!

How long have you been producing / Djing?
9 years

Who are some of your early electronic music inspirations when you made the choice to become an electronic artist?

Timbaland got me into the world of producing, but what steered me in the dance music direction was electro house from 2007-2009. Producers such as Klaas and Spencer & Hill, their music may be cheesy to people now looking back on it, but that was my shit back then lol.

At such a young age what are some of the factors that went into creating such a unique sound for yourself?

I would say the two most important factors are first of all very hard work and second being able to get inspired by what other artists in completely different genres are making. Then taking bits and pieces from those artists and combining it into what you’re doing. I feel that being able to do that well is really important for any producer in any lane.

You have taken an unique approach to branding yourself differently. How important do you think individuality is in the saturated electronic music community?

I think it’s very important. Finding a unique lane for yourself both musically AND brand-wise is what’s going to make you stand out. Now, it can be anything really that makes you unique outside of the music, it doesn’t have to be something so obvious as a costume or a really unique logo concept. I think that you as an artist just have to be true to yourself and highlight things in your personality that people can relate to.

You hit a major milestone with your Monstercat release of ‘The Girl’ with 12 million streams. How important was this track to your career and why?

That track was really important, it was the first track I put out that really had something special to it. I had released a lot of music prior to The Girl, but there was something unique about that song that really resonated with people. Cozi’s amazing vocals was obviously a factor. That track made people pay closer attention to what I was doing and definitely got more artists interested in collaborations.

Which track meant the most to you from your 2015 ‘This Is Me’ EP release and what inspired the EP?

I still really love all of the tracks from that EP, my favorite is probably A Heartbeat Away though. What inspired the sound of the EP was me wanting to make something that sounded like a fantasy land. I found a bunch of artwork of fantasy landscapes and cities online which became very inspiring to me, I wanted to make something that could be the soundtrack to those images. Now that was the initial idea, then after a while of working on the project, it became more about me actually finding myself and my sound, hence the title “This Is Me”.

What inspired your recent track ‘All The Way’ released on Wall Recording?

All The Way was one of those projects that when I worked on it I could just picture it being played in front of thousands of people at a festival. Which is funny since that is what ended up happening when Afrojack picked up the song and premiered it at Tomorrowland. There’s these classic YouTube clips from festivals that I keep coming back to for inspiration, I usually watch those on mute while producing to fuel my creativity.

How did the relationship with Afrojack form and what does it mean to you that he played the track at Tomorrowland, as well as called you a genius when describing the track?

My manager has been in contact with his team for about a year now and has become pretty good friends with the guys over there. Earlier this year when I had a few new songs ready to be sent out to labels, we sent it to Afrojack and his Wall team and fortunately they really liked what we sent. Since then me and Afro have been chatting back and forth and we also met when he was in Sweden for a festival this summer. He’s a super nice dude and hearing him say such nice things about me is very humbling. I’ve been a fan of Afrojack for a long time so the whole opportunity is definitely very cool.

Are there any subgenres of EDM that you haven’t produced that you would like to experiment with in the future?

For sure, I’ve been getting into trap and future bass a lot lately and will definitely try and release even more of that stuff soon!

What other electronic artists are inspiring you at the moment?

KOLAJ, DJ Snake, Mura Masa, Chainsmokers, Galantis, Slumberjack, Slushii, Marshmello, Calvin Harris, KSHMR

If you could collab with any artist who would it be?
Ariana Grande.

What can we expect from Hellberg for the rest of 2016?

Hopefully a lot more music with variety!

Besides music what are some of your passions and interests?

To be honest I don’t have that many other interests, I watch YouTube a lot and I’m into gaming, that’s pretty much it!

If you could plan you own festival who would be your top 5 headliners?

Hmm, I’m gonna go ahead and guess that genre doesn’t matter and that they have to be alive? If so then: Ariana Grande, The Weeknd, Drake, Calvin Harris and the return of Swedish House Mafia. I think that combination would be pretty epic.

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