Gramatik Hits The Fillmore Philly For RE:COIL TOUR with MØME


One of our favorite electronic producers and artists is hitting The Fillmore in Philadelphia this evening to continue his RE:COIL TOUR with supporting artist MØME. Gramatik is one of those artist that has a ton of true talent so we are super excited to see him again live. Hitting his last stretch of the tour we have heard a ton of great things about other cities and have been waiting to experience some tracks from RE:COIL Part1 live. Gramatik also is bringing along a french artist that has been on our radar for a while, Møme. So tonight should be very interesting.

Originally from Nice, France Møme moved to Australia around 2015 and when not surfing the waves, he likes nothing more than composing on the go in his van, which he remodelled into a recording studio. He too studied music from young age, but has found that electronic music suits him better than playing in a band and after signing with Parisian label DDM, he has released two excellent EPs (“Cosmopolitan”, “Aloha”) and an album titled, Panorama. With such dope artists support, it feels pretty safe to say tonight’s Re:Coil US Tour will be just as epic as the European tour that preceded it.