Wuki Re-Releases Bootytech Single, ‘She Got Some’ feat. Jay Davi

Wuki has unveiled a brand new reprise of his song, ‘She Got Some’ feat. Jay Davi, reworking one of his most beloved tracks to date. The reprised version of ‘She Got Some’ is the latest release on Wuki’s new label, Wukileaks, and just the second release from the label’s debut project, Wukipedia Vol. 1, following up ‘Chop It’ feat. Bri Berlay.

‘She Got Some’ is an upbeat booty-house tune that will ratched up the energy on just about any dancefloor. Wuki previously released the song a couple years ago, but has now unleashed a brand new rework that enhances the sonic qualities that made Wuki’s loyal legion of followers fall in love with the track in the first place. The reprised version of ‘She Got Some’ takes on an even more trap-infused direction, with a filthy brass drop that should have booties shaking even harder than the original.

2018 has proven to be an eventful one for Wuki thus far. Having announced the formation of his new Wukileaks label at the top of the year, Wuki dropped the inaugural release ‘Chop It’ to the delight of his fans. In addition to the launch of his new label, Wuki also performed at Ultra Music Festival in Miami and the Heineken House at Coachella both weekends. With more song releases under wraps, including a collaboration with Enrique Iglesias, Wuki is showing no signs of slowing down in the coming summer months. It’s clear that Wuki has cemented himself as one of the most refreshing new acts in electronic music today.

Wuki Tour Dates
May 17- Taipei, Taiwan @ Chess
May 18- Chengdu, China @ Nox
May 25- Fukudka, Japan @ Grand Mirage
May 26- Osaka, Japan @ Joule

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