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FuntCase unleashes DPMO Vol. 2 on Circus Records


As if DPMO Vol 1 hadn’t already shaken up the scene enough already with its mortifying levels of mechanized mayhem, the most fearsome face in bass brings us a second volume, bursting at the seams with incendiary devices from the most ruthless name in dubstep, trap and grime.

Personally overseeing this extensive project himself, FuntCase is a man with a tireless mission to maintain the bass world’s brutal, exhilarating heart with his legendary live shows, blistering productions and with the DPMO series, shining a light on the dramatic levels of talent carrying the torch for ferocious, heads-down electronic music.

DPMO Vol 2 features a massive 22 tracks of terror with Flakzz, Wooli, GANON, Upgrade, FuntCase himself and many more contributing to this entry to the series and with the clouds gathering on the horizon, it looks like a particularly evil storm is brewing. Prepare yourself.


1. Lev3l & Sweettooth – Impending Doom
2. MurDa – Element 115
3. Flakzz – Jaded
4. Mighty Duck – Laguna
5. Blood Out (Blankface & BloodThinnerz Remix)
6. FuntCase & Wooli – Man Don’t Want War (feat. Clipson)
7. Ganon – Umbra
8. Flakzz & Aryaxz – Bad Render VIP
9. Detrace – Hunger Pangs
10. Aryaxz & Ash Dubz – I Feel Like
11. Jkyl & Hyde – Yoi Boi
12. Infekt – Sectumsempra
13. Upgrade – Maximum
14. Dead Exit – Snake (FuntCase Remix)
15. Executioner x Digitist – Convulsion (DPMO VIP)
16. Dwarv x Boss Mode – Greed
17. Yokaze – Rips Strings
18. SEWS – Doomsday
19. FuntCase – 4 Barz of Fury (feat. Merky Ace) [Definitive Remix]
20. Dubscribe x Cromatik x Calcium – Contraband
21. Neonix – Prey
22. Prayerz – Bad Saintz


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