Hark Madley Releases New Single ‘Friendship 7’

Hark Madley is set to premiere his first stunning single, ‘Friendship 7,’ off his upcoming EP, aptly titled EP1. The track is expertly produced, using samples that remind us of crashing waves alongside mesmerizing synth melodies. A transmission from the first orbital spaceflight phases in and out of the song’s warm, glimmering electronic texture. ‘Friendship 7’ is perfect for pop, indie, and electro fans alike, combining a vast array of influences with distinct ease. Check out this stand-out single from LA’s Hark Madley for a sweet, sonic vacation.

Hark Madley is the immersive exploration of genre-blending soundscapes realized by Los Angeles based producer and composer Mark Hadley. With a reverence for minimalism and reflection, Hark Madley investigates familiar themes with alluring new sounds. Deep basses, otherworldly synths, and kinetic pulses coalesce with textured noises and contemplative vocals to conjure a sonorous lushness, rich in subtlety and warmth.

Originally from Rochester, NY, Hadley has been writing music for nearly two decades. Along with his affinity for unearthing new sounds, Hadley’s studies of jazz and classical music have served as the backdrop to his musical output.


PHOTO CREDIT: Sela Shiloni