Exclusive Fernando Lagreca Interview & Mix + ‘Imperfections Side’ Ep

Fernando Lagreca

Where are you from?
Originally from Montevideo (Uruguay) but living in Barcelona since 2002.

How long have you been producing / DJing?
I started at beg of ’90s, sold an old bike to buy my first keyboard, a second hand Casio from the mid 80’s.

Who are some of your early inspiration in becoming an electronic music artist?
At the beggining i was inspired by a mix of Kraftwerk and New Order stuff…

Where did you pull inspiration from during the creation process of your upcoming EP ‘Imperfections Side’?
I get inspired in the imperfections that are around us all the time. I was re-reading some stuff from Poe and Lovecraft
(not sure why) and realised that imperfections are very useful to define our world, and if you accept that, the days
are better in the end.

Which track on the new EP means the most to you and why?
Perhaps ‘Twisted Pictures’, cause it is the last track of the series i composed and set a sort of ending point.

What can listeners expect from the new EP?
A travel into really organic analog-digital synth world, a trip inside a sonic labyrinth.

What else can we expect for the rest of 2017?
I will release a couple of dance-oriented Ep (techno, melodic stuff) and also a second EP to complete the imperfection
series (this one i am introducing now is the first of two).

If you were having your own festival tomorrow who would be the 5 headliners?
Stephan Bodzin
Roman Flügel
Aphex Twin

Fernando Lagreca ‘Imperfections Side’ Ep

Fernando Lagreca – Imperfections EP is out May 26th, 2017 via 10″ vinyl and digital on Beautiful Accident

Fernando Lagreca’s album ‘Control’ on Irregular in 2014 granted him the chance to perform at an infinite amount of festivals and events such as Sónar 2015 and Razzmatazz, Dabadaba, BIME Festival, Electrosplash, Manrusiónica, and Peacock Festival. Fernando has also toured around Norway and Lithuania and in 2016 he brought his music to the club terrain performing at clubs such as City Hall, Input, Warehouse, etc.

For 2017, Fernando Lagreca is back launching his very own imprint, Beautiful Accident with two EPs letting him express himself with a hybrid of language that is halfway between the dance floor and the melodic harmonies of a hypnotic ambience.

The first of the two EP’s, ‘Imperfections Side’ introduces the alibi for both, an essay on the imperfections that surround us is the theme that leads and gives thread to this miniseries of works. Fernando Lagreca models with an electronic chisel theme that makes up this first installment with punchy and warm synths, metallic distortions and deep kicks, and the always distant vocal presence. ‘Imperfections Side’ is wrapped in manipulated reverbs that motivate imperfect artificial spaces.

The A side of the 10″ vinyl is an introduction into the world of imperfections with ‘God Is A Pad’, an evolving piece that was recorded entirely in real time. Two analog synth’s created the first track in the EP, one of them of course is a profound ‘Pad’ that evokes a nice ambience and the other is a forceful bassline that adds a selection of modular synths on the effects side of things.

Next up is ‘Twisted Pictures’, a more dynamic track containing a strong aroma for the dancefloor. A 4/4 that brings warm club vibes that allows one to get lost in the music. Everything seeming blurry and out of place, allowing the artist to bring us to the appropriate place before flipping the vinyl over.

‘Imperfections Side’ opens up the B side, the track that lends it’s name to the EP. We’re still in dancefloor mode but this time with more pop influences and vocals that mark the beat. The reverbs wrap around you allowing you to let go and enjoy the imperfections of life, continuously searching for the silver lining.

The ‘Imperfections Side’ EP closes out with ‘End Of File’, an ode to the programmed loops. ‘End of File’ plays homage to a retro era that’s been forgotten, leaving just one last question that hasn’t been answered, the arpeggios guide us, but is it really the end?

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