Rodg X Roovel Release New Single ‘Fast Lane’

Download & Stream:

Showing the leap-and-bounds growth of the Rodg empire, ‘Fast Lane’ marks a marvelous team-up between the rare-breed Dutchman and fellow-countryman Roovel. Spiked with racing arpeggios and soaring lead synths, this mixture of two remarkable signature sounds could very well become their shortcut to the top.

For Rodg the track is special because he made it with a close friend of his “After being friends for a while and sharing interest in music we decided to do a record together… Roovel has been touring with me a couple of times and we found out we have the same interest in music so doing a record together was nothing more than a natural follow up on that. With Fast Lane as the result. The title “Fast Lane” came up after touring to a couple of places in a high pace, we really had the feeling being in the “Fast Lane” going in and out of hotels and on and off planes”.

Roovel feels the same “‘Fast Lane’ for me is starting this year with a bang! It’s an inspiring collaboration between two friends and with a real dancefloor filler as end result.”

Roovel might be new to your ears, but believe me, you will love him.