EDMBoutique Exclusive Interview w/ Ephwurd

We recently had the pleasure of chatting with one of the hottest duos in the EDM scene. The two made a huge splash in the EDM community after their mysterious debut last year. Ephwurd is made up of dubstep god, Datsik and his close friend & tour manager, Bais Haus. Since their 2015 debut the two have played some huge festivals like EDC New York, Shamblaha, Global Dance Festival and more. They have also dropped multiple bangers that have climbed the charts such as ‘Rock The Party’ (featuring Jauz), their remix to Major Lazer’s ‘Lean On’ and ‘Duckface’! Check out what Ephwurd had to say below and make sure you follow them to stay updated on news, releases and events!

What inspired the name Ephwurd?

We don’t give an EPH!!! We make the kind of music we want to make and if people don’t like it then they can EPH OFF!!

How long have you both been DJing & producing?

What year did Knocked Up come out? Around that long 🙂

What and who are some of your early electronic music inspirations?

Basie: Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Air, Luke Vibert, Jean Michelle Jarre, the list goes on.

Troy: early 90’s hip hop. Wu Tang, Snoop. The classics!

Since you two basically lived together on the road, at what point did the idea of a group come about and how?

We collaborated on one of troys records, then we started touring together shortly after. I think over time we kinda just started messing around more and more til we wanted to actually pursue a new alias.

What are some of the differences in the production process as duo?

Troy is a far superior engineer and sound designer to me which is great cause I’m always glued to what he is doing. I can always come up with nice chord structures on the fly which makes the wiring process super fast. We trade off on things like drums, melodies and song structure which is where i feel like we really meet head to head to figure things out.

We also both LOVE sampling!!!

Where do you pull inspiration from when producing new music?

Everything! could be a new record, an old record, a joke, a sob story, doesn’t matter. sometimes even just one sample can trigger us to write a whole song around it.

How much input and/or inspiration did Bais have on the earlier Datsik originals?

None, we really became friends in 2011 well after Datsik was under way. Now it’s cool to play stuff back and get input but we keep the two projects very separate.

What impact did ‘Rock That Party’ have on the Ephwurd movement?

It’s the song heard round the world! Rock The Party was great because it was fresh at the time and it opened the door for us to expand and do more with that sound. We feel like its time to evolve though and usher in new ideas.

What are some of the advantages you notice in production and performances as a duo?

Well its more fun to perform! Its always a blast hanging with your homies and just having a good time.

In terms of production its double the man power. Once one of us runs out of ideas or gets frustrated the other one picks up.

What is your favorite Ephwurd production to date?

In terms of engineering High On You Is pretty spot on. The mix down is really precise.

In terms of playing live obviously Rock The Party always goes off but we have this edit of our tune Duck Face which is one of my favorites in our sets.

What can we expect from Ephwurd for the rest of 2016?

We have a few more shows to play then we are taking two months off after a long festival season to actually sit down and write more music. Then come round November December we will start playing shows again!!

What has been the best moment of the Ephwurd Summer Tour?

Dressing up as ninjas for our set at Shambhala. That or bringing as many kids as possible on stage when we played a club show in philly. We almost caused a riot at that show lol. We are all about those high energy moments where its pure chaos but everything still manages to work out ok.

What inspired the name of your Spotify playlist ‘Treadmill Bangers’ and what can listeners expect from the playlist?

Our Canadian friend said our music are treadmill bangers and we thought it was ephing hilarious. We decided to make a workout playlist. Its mainly just for us when we work out and wanna hear new or old tunes. But we thought it would be fun to just hook kids up with some high energy shit that could get them through their workouts.

What other artist are inspiring you at the moment?

Pop stuff mostly. The Chainsmokers, Zack the Lad, Zara Larsson, Stuff that hits the feels.

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