EDMBoutique Exclusive Q&A’s – Redux Saints

The REDUX SAINTS debut release on the EJ Underground imprint comes complete with huge remixes from DOORLY & Soultrak they take time out from the studio to speak to us and tell us a little about themselves, making music and more.

What are your names? Where are you from?

My name is Jason Miller and I am originally from Chicago. Jourdan Bordes who collaborated on the Rebirth EP is from Mississippi. I moved out to West Coast about six years ago and currently reside DTLA.

Where does the name Redux Saints come from?

Saints was derived from the connection we had to New Orleans. I met my wife during a Habitat for Humanity trip to help rebuild the surround areas after Hurricane Katrina and Jourdan’s family currently resides there.

Redux originated from me gazing at an ableton audio plugin that is called “Redux” but I had no idea what it did – still really don’t. Redux also just happen to have a meaning that made sense to where we were with our musical careers at that point – “bringing back” which we correlated to brining music back into our lives for fulfilment.

How long have you been producing / DJing?

I’ve been DJing about five years and producing for about a year now. I am currently enrolled in Icon Music Collective in Burbank, California.

Who are some of your early inspirations and what current artist are inspiring you today?

I listened to different music in the 90’s before I got into electronic music. Beastie boys, Alice and Chains, Smashing Pumpkins, Sound Garden were kind of the alternative/grunge scene back in the 90’s

I was turned onto electronic music at the turn of the millennium. Was a regular at Crobar in Chicago back in the day and saw some amazing performances by Carl Cox, Mistress Barbara, and others. House influences we always would run to check out Frankie Knuckles and Derrick Carter.

Today’s influences are Doorly, Olivier Giacomotto, Maceo Plex, Anjunadeep’s music, Dusky, Dosem, and Paul Sawyer is playing a major rule in helping Redux Saints develop it’s sound.

Tell us about your recording process?

Depending on which genre I am working with I can start with chords, kick, or bass.
I found a lot of my early production developed into more melodic sound which stemmed with starting with chord progressions, vs more house and tech house vibe started with the kick and bass.

How would you describe your sound?
Tough to pinpoint with ever-changing genre categories. This EP sits in-between melodic Deep House and Tech House. Having a major influence of trance being the first electronic music I fell in love tends to show elements of melodic chord progressions with heavy house kick drums.

What’s it like to hear someone like Doorly or Soultrak remix your tracks?

Everyone hopes that in some point of his or her career you attain the status “the golden touch”, meaning everything you touch turns to gold. I believe Doorly is there right now. You get that sense when you read the intial feedback from the rebirth remix. We knew from day one Doorly was the right man for this remix. I feel in love with his “For Me” track he did with Sonny Fodera awhile back and have been following him religiously.

When we received the track back the first reaction was this was bit different than what Doorly puts out, but in the end that’s why we fell in love it.

What are a few of your favorite song(s) at the moment?

Nighthawk – Mat.Zoe (Dosem Remix)
Higher Level – Issac Tichauser (Bicep Remix)
Circular Thing – Krankbother (Hot since 82 remix)
Take me with you feat. Anki – Redux Saints, Jourdan Bordes, Paul Sawyer (Mintz Remix)
Rebirth – Redux Saints (Doorly Remix)
Collapsing Dream – Han Zimmer from Inception Sound Track.

Besides music what are some of you passions and interests?

I am involved in several things outside of my passion for music. I own a software/consulting company that is an IBM Business partner providing B2B integration for corporate companies. I am involved in a few Hollywood development projects, and recently became a partner in Krafted Music Group helping expand the label into US markets.
Whatever I put my time and effort the passion comes for attaining respect in the fields that I practice.

Redux Saints ‘Rebirth’ is out May 10th on EJ Underground