Los Angeles DJ/Producer DOWNLOWD Drops ‘Enter The Maze’

Stream/Download: bit.ly/2FCqfG7

The Los Angeles DJ/producer—DOWNLOWD is back with another huge track. DOWNLOWD heralds his talent as a virtuoso of electronic dance music. It goes for the jugular! The pulsating melody generates a structural foundation that’s exceptionally infectious and danceable. The rhythm is strabismic and potent, transporting EDM to a whole new horizon.”

The next chapter of Downlowd’s story unfolds directly after the events of “Unplugged”- with the help of what seems to be a new ally, Downlowd must now come to terms with his new reality as a computerhead and escape the treacherously vast ‘Genesis’ facility. Unfortunately, the only way out is THROUGH the tech labyrinth: a cybernetic jungle, riddled with genetically modified guards, robots, and hologhosts. To break out and find his way home, Downlowd must ENTER THE MAZE!

READ THE STORY HERE: imgur.com/a/WOF8i

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