FEATURE: Day In The life of Dossa & Locuzzed + New Singles ‘Funkyfied / I Owe’ on VIPER

Rene (Locuzzed):
06:30am – Alarm goes off
07:00am – Grabbing a coffee and maybe some cereals.
07:30am – Getting in my car to go to my daytime job in the office. While on the way i usually do the “car-test” – listen to whatever i produced the day before. You listen to so much music in the car so it’s actually a really nice way to reference if something sounds good or not.
08:00am – Office-Job starts.
11:30am – Lunch-Break!! This is when I check all our social-media feeds (facebook, twitter, soundcloud) + e-mails.
16:00pm – Finally done, so now time to go home and write some music
16:30pm – Landed home, at this time i try to do some workout 1-3 times a week (mostly only 1 time cause im a bit of a lazy-ass). It’s really important to get your head free and i find it a bit wrong to have a fully functional body and not using it but sitting in front of the comuter the whole day instead. After that i grab something to eat again and then finally:
18:00pm – STUDIO-TIME. At this point I’m already full of ideas and motivated.
23:59pm – Time to go to sleep

Benni (Dossa):
It’s quite difficult to describe my everyday routine as there isn’t really one – every day is a bit different!
Getting up around 10am or so, making breakfast and checking E-Mails and Messages and make a plan for the day, doing label-things or housework and stuff.
Sometimes I’ve to go to university to teach at this time, but usually this phase of the day (you can call it “getting up properly”) lasts until lunchtime.

Around 1pm I meet my family for lunch everyday. I have a quite big family and we’re very close with eachother, this is one of the few steady things in my life, and I appreciate it a lot.
Anyways after lunch I either go to studio to work on our Drum & Bass or do Sounddesign for clients, or I sit down on my laptop to start new ideas, jamming with friends and fellows or at least do some music related stuff like creating playlists, sets or so.

I try to live every day a bit differently though, as I have to get out of my comfort zone to stay creative. The more I experience, the better the ideas that come to my mind. So it’s all about getting around, meet new people, visiting friends abroad or just spending days with family. Therefore my weekends look like the rest of the week – I work on Sundays aswell as on Mondays, or sometimes on none of these days at all!

Anyways, mostly I come home around 8pm, then I listen back to everything I’ve created that day and make schedules for these things before refering to Rene. On some days I then make music again at home, or I just go for some netflix or PS4 action. Bedtime is mostly around 3am.

ABOUT Dossa & Locuzzed – Funkyfied / I Owe:
After signing exclusively to Viper last year, nothing but success has followed Dossa & Locuzzed. The duo from Austria have seen support from some of the biggest names in drum & bass with singles like ‘Hollow’, ‘Stoned Love’, and ‘Electric Boogie’ being picked up by Sub Focus, Culture Shock, DJ Marky, and MistaJam, support from Liquicity, and remixing both Matrix & Futurebound and Camo & Krooked.

Now, with two new tracks on Viper, the duo has proven once again just why they are a name to watch.

‘Funkyfied’ is as funky as the name would suggest, opening with strong 70s disco vibes right from the start. Fast-paced and packed full of personality, the track makes use of bold electronic riffs and retro vocal samples to create a simply irresistible dancefloor feel. This tune is a whole lot of fun!

On the flipside, ‘I Owe’ highlights the diverse talents of the duo with something a little bit darker. Their creativity really shines through in the sound design, with a multifarious range of rather quirky sounds that all come together for a track that is as unique as it is catchy. Dossa & Locuzzed put the funk in neurofunk!

With two completely different tracks that both feature that signature Dossa & Locuzzed funk, the duo have really outdone themselves, and Viper are proud to present this latest single!