EDMBoutique : Doctor P – Bubblehead [Circus Records] + Interview

A fresh treat from Doctor P! The Circus Records co-founder and scene figurehead thunders back into view with the weighty stomp of ‘Bubblehead’, a 128bpm bass juggernaut. Raising the temperature with a series of high energy build-ups, ‘Bubblehead’ drops with a distinctive and infectious Doctor P synth hook for a no-nonsense, floor-flattening rinse out. Sweet as candy, hard as nails. You can catch Doctor P across the US and Europe over the next few months at Beta Denver (Sept. 4) Backwoods Festival Oklahoma (Sept. 5), Dream Nation Festival Paris (Sept. 19) and Masonic Temple Detroit (Oct. 31).

What is the meaning behind Doctor P and /or what inspired it?

I used to make Drum n Bass under the name DJ Picto, and when I started making dubstep I decided I wanted to use a different name, and I thought Doctor P sounded pretty cool so I went with it.

Where are you from?

SE England

How long have you been producing?

It must be about 16 or 17 years, which makes me sound really old.

Name a few artist that inspired you to start making music?

I was initially inspired to try producing by UK garage and drum n bass, so it was artists like Artful Dodger, Aphrodite, Dj Zinc, and others. I was also into house, metal, hip hop and all sorts of other music, so the list of artists that inspire me is pretty long.

What is the most important aspect of a song to you, when producing?

Rhythm and melody are the foundation of a good track. People often seem to describe my music as being really loud and noisy, but underneath there is always a solid melody and rhythm.

What should producers focus on becoming proficient at before they can ever expect to achieve a “professional” sound? 

I don’t think there’s such thing as a professional sound; I think production quality just comes with experience. Music production software and samples are such good quality nowadays that it’s really easy to get a good sound. The tricky part is standing out from the crowd and doing something fresh.

What are some tips you have for the mixing stage of producing to make everything flow?

The mix isn’t as important as having a good track – A good track with a bad mix is still a good track, but a bad track with a good mix is still a bad track. If you’ve got a good track the mix should come quite naturally.

What are some of the differences you have noticed between the US and overseas dubstep scene?

I find that over time there is less and less difference between music scenes in different countries. The Internet has allowed everyone access to all music, so I don’t notice much difference between the musical tastes in different countries any more.

What was your favorite show or festival played this summer? 

Red rocks is one of my favourite venues in the world and I just played it a couple of weeks ago, so that’s been a highlight of 2015 so far!

What would you be doing if you weren’t making music? 
If I wasn’t making a living from music I would still be making music, but I’d probably have a boring job just to pay the bills.

The EDM community is changing constantly. What do you think will be the next revolutionary change?

It’s totally impossible to predict what will happen in the music industry, so I have stopped trying. I just make what I like and listen to what I like.

What other artist are you listening to right now?

Diskord are one of my favourite new acts. All their tracks are really fresh and they go down well on the dancefloor too.

Are there any specific cities that you love to play during tour?

Amsterdam is always really fun. Denver is always good too. Maybe places with legalized weed are just more fun?

What can we look forward to from you for the rest of the year?
I’ve got some new tracks that are scheduled for release this year and early next year too. Other than that I’m going to be touring constantly as usual!


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