Doctor P – Interview + Take Me Away (Out Jan. 29th) [Circus Records]
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What inspired the name Doctor P?

I used to release drum & bass under the name DJ Picto, and my friend used to call me ‘Doctor Picto’ when we were in the studio. When I started releasing dubstep I wanted to use a different name, and I thought Doctor P seemed like a cool name. I actually didn’t put much thought in to it at all!

Who are your biggest musical influences and how did they help you form your own unique sound?

I listened to lots of electronic music when I was younger – things like Fatboy Slim, Chemical Brothers, lots of garage, house and drum & bass – and then when I got a bit older I started listening to metal and hip hop – bands like Korn and Limp Bizkit. I think the fusion of all of those styles came together to create my style.

Where do you find the inspiration to produce your music?

I’m normally inspired by other producers in my scene who are doing something interesting. At the moment I’ve been really inspired by artists like Eptic and Habstrakt, as they’re just doing their own thing seemingly separate from the rest of the scene.

Do you have a pre-performance routine before you hit the stage?

I usually drink a beer and try to convince myself that I know what I’m doing.

What inspired your new single “Take Me Away” coming out on Circus Records?

I really liked the idea of an electronic track with commercial potential being made to be non-commercial on purpose. So much EDM is made to be commercial nowadays that I wanted to make a deliberately non-commercial track. I really hate it when EDM tracks have really boring and predictable drops, so I tried to make something completely mad and unusual for the drop.

How was it working with Far East Movement on your last single “Business”?

Those guys are really cool and they just enjoy making good music. I played them the track and they came up with a vocal really quickly. I ended up changing the track about a million times after they recorded the vocal, but they were pretty cool all the way through the process of my constant changes.

What drove you to create Circus Records and what direction do you see the label heading in the future? 

We just started the label out of love for the music. We like releasing music we believe in, and I think we’re going to carry on doing that into the foreseeable future.

Knowing what you know now, if you could go back in time, what would you tell your younger self?

I would say invest in Apple and Google.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever seen happen during one of your sets?

The time that comes to mind is when the stage caught fire at a show in Manchester, UK. I turned around during my set to see flames behind me and ran over to the crowd to tell them to get help, but they all seemed oblivious to the fire and started shouting song requests at me. So I just carried on playing and hoped for the best. Luckily somebody came with a fire extinguisher a few minutes later and put it out!

Which tracks would you consider the most influential in shaping your sound throughout the course of your career? 
The first drum & bass track I ever heard was DJ Zinc’s remix of ‘Ready Or Not’ by The Fugees. Discovering that track sent me on a journey of discovery which ultimately lead to me becoming a producer. I think that track above all others is probably the most influential to me career.
Can we be expecting a Doctor P tour sometime in 2016!
I’m pretty much constantly on tour. I expect to keep going through 2016!
Do you have any collabs releasing in the near future?


I’ve made a track with Cookie Monsta which should be out soon, and I’ve got a 4 track EP on the way with another artist. I won’t say who though.

What other artist are you listening to right now?

The answer is probably pretty unexpected, but I’ve actually been listening to loads of John Williams film scores recently. The man is an absolute genius. And of course, our new   fresh guys at Circus Records, Diskord.

One of the most headbanging sets at Moonrise 2015 was the Circus Records B2B set (I’m talking Funtcase b2b Doctor P b2b Cookie Monsta) and as I understand it was the first b2b2b between the three.  Can we expect to be seeing another Circus Records B2B2B at not necessarily just Moonrise 2016, but any festival multiple members of Circus Records will be performing at in 2016?

I don’t know for sure, but that would be pretty cool. It’s always fun doing stuff together – touring alone can get very boring sometimes, so I do enjoy the times when we are all at a show together!

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